WOOMOO INC. is founded by Ben, Leo and Shao in May 2012. Our goal is to make our everyday life easier through software. Our first product POP helps everyone with an app idea to be able to see how it works on the smart phone. We are a fast growing team that loves design and programing. You can learn more about us by reading the following team section and our blog.



Ben LinCo-founder & CEO

has been doing startups for 6 years among several websites and apps. He is good at web frontend and backend development.

Ting-Yu LinWindows developer

joined WOOMOO since Aug 2013 as a Windows developer. He previously worked as a freelancer in programming. He is good at web frontend, backend and Windows development.

Rick CheniOS developer

joined WOOMOO since Sep 2013 as an iOS developer. He has more than 10 years programming experience in various agencies.

Lei Lei WuCommunity

joined WOOMOO since Sep 2013 as a community manager. She has 6 years of off line business development experience.

Jason PengAndroid developer

joined WOOMOO since Oct 2013 as an Android developer. He previously worked at Asus and various startups. He has more than 10 years experience in programming.

Lynn ChenDesigner

joined WOOMOO since May 2015 as an UI/UX designer. She previously worked at Jink before joining POP.

Tommy ChenIntern

started his internship in WOOMOO since Feb 2014. He currently studies at TKU and he is also the creator of the famous static site framework Hexo.

TTOffice manager

was adopted in Jun 2012 as a mascot of WOOMOO. Her role is to comfort the team with her hairy and fat belly.

JJOffice manager

came together with TT. She is a little smaller but naughtier. She loves to help us coding although her codes usually do not make sense.


POP is the simplest prototyping solution


Taipei + California
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Intro Team Products Contact